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Wednesday, August 5

owh, today i had been observed by my teacher advisor...and the thing that i wanna tell u is, there was no electricity suddenly...i go for plan B where i used flash cards and raw material such as basketball, hockey ball and ping pong ball to explain about the relative mass between the Sun, the Earth and the Moon...and the best part is...the pupils were very excited when they were given the sweets and the lyrics card...this song is written by aireen aneza bitni abu bakar okay....

Theme : Investigating the Earth and the Universe
Year : Four
Duration : 1 hour
Title : How Big and How Far

using the tune " it's a small world after all"

happy singing..... =)

2 singgah comment yer... =):

shayra hint said...

ak tau nyanyi part "its a small world after all" tu je..

hat len tu cemana eh chekgu?

aireeNaneza said...

hahaha...terror tak aku wart??
alala...awart tak reti...kna berguru ngan aku la gini...hehehe

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